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Family Association

Welcome to our family website!

The Familienverbindung (family association) Delius was founded during the first family convention in Bad Oeynhausen in 1873. It includes the direct descendants of Johann Daniel Delius, (1670 – 1707), bailiff at Berenkämpen, and as associate members the spouses of the name bearers Delius.

The beginnings

The eldest known ancestor of the Delius family was Johannes Delius, pastor in Kleinenbremen. He lived from about 1554 to 1637. His great-grandson, Johann Daniel Delius (1670 – 1707), bailiff at Berenkämpen, is considered as progenitor of the Westphalian line of the Delius family. 14 children, 10 sons and 4 daughters, come from his marriage with Anna Katharina Meinders, widowed Nottelmann. We are not informed about the whereabouts of two sons, Christian Heinrich Delius (IVa, 5) and August Delius (IVa, 12), likewise we did not hear from possible descendants of Friedrich Adolf Delius (IVa, 7).

The other seven sons of Johann Daniel Delius founded seven boughs of the Westphalian line differing greatly in extension and ramifications.

1. Johann Heinrich Delius (V a)
2. Arnold Friedrich Delius (V b)
3. Johann Caspar Delius (V c)
4. Hermann Christian Delius (V d)
5. Daniel Conrad Delius (V e)
6. Ernst Ludwig Delius (V f)
7. Carl Albrecht Delius (V g)

Only three of these seven boughs of the Westphalian line of the Delius lineage are still alive and in bloom today (V b, V c and V e). The numbers in the round brackets refer to the old genealogical tables.

The family archive in Bielefeld is dedicated to the history of the family to this day with many details and originals. It is open to the members of the family association.


Exclusive access

Members of the Family Association have access to the protected area of our website. The member area includes the membership directory, a complete archive of all family newspapers and rotundas published so far and the internal blog, where we publish important news about our family. It is also possible to request extracts from the family tree.

Membership includes an annual fee of 20.00 EUR for individuals and 25.00 EUR for married couples.


Family reunion

To promote family cohesion, a Family Day is held every 2 years at different locations in Germany. The last time we met was in 2019 in Leipzig – we look back on this wonderful time with pleasure.

Soon we will meet again! In June 2022 our family reunion will take place in Hamburg.

Pictures and reviews of past family reunions as well as information about when we will meet next time can be viewed in the protected member area.